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Jone, who is 58-year-old,  has a small home furnishing store. He has been supporting this store by himself for 18 years. His love for this small town is like his love for his son William, but William is not like that. Of course William also loves his father deeply. Since his mother passed away, only the two of them have lived on each other, but William didn't like this backward town. He wanted to leave here with Rocco.

Rocco is a docile golden retriever. He is the best friend to William except for his father. The two of them are stuck together at all times and difficult to separate. But when William goes to school, they have to separate. At this time, Jone always gives him something with a Rocco pattern as a school start gift. Pillows gave to elementary school, blanket given to the middle school, mugs given to high school, but there is nothing left in college, because William left this town, his father, and Rocco .

One day he received a letter from his father Jone. It was already his fifth year working in this strange city. He had forgotten the original town. The letter said that since Rocco left, his health has gradually become poor, and he can no longer do the meticulous work like before this year, so he plans to close the store. There was also a package with the letter. It was the Rocco pillow William first received. On it, he was still a child. They stood in the snow and laughed happily together, but now Rocco has gone early and William is here. Hard work in a strange city without friends.

William decides to return to the town where he lived, even though Rocco is no longer there. But he wants to run his father's shop. Because during that sad time, when he had to face it alone, it was his father and Rocco who gave him the courage. It was not just a pillow, he was an irreplaceable memory and emotion, and William He didn't want this precious thing to disappear, so he decided to come back and inherit his father's shop. Now, William's store is not only an offline physical store, but also an online store. It called Customize Pet.


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